Kslim – Innovative and Flexible LED Signage Solution

Kslim –Innovative and Flexible LED Signage Solution

2017.09.06 Unilumin.com

Slim, the meaning of which would be well-shaped and thinner than usual.

Kslim, a new word that represents the super light and slim cabinet will be shining in LED displays industry.

Kslim is defined as an innovative and flexible LED signage solution, not only for its shape and weight, but also for its service. There are several advantages that make Kslim so unique and excellent.

With the unbelievable weight of 11.5kg/panel and thinness of 63mm,Kslim achieves super light and slim features.

Kslim’s application can be various: retail store, supermarket, hotel, bank, church ,airport, bus station ,theatre ,company lobby ,club ,museum, conference room and so on.

The Fastest Growing LED Display Application Area — Traffic Hub

The Fastest Growing LED Display Application Area — Traffic Hub

2017.08.21 Unilumin.com

Due to the vivid color, high brightness and seamless assembling, LED display has been considered as one of the most important display technologies in the indoor display market. With deeply investigation of the customers’ demand, Unilumin developed the Uslim product just to solve the customers’ pain. For example, with die-casting cabinet design, Uslim can minimize the assembling gap within 0.1mm comparing to 0.2mm~0.3mm of competitors’ products. Secondly, Uslim can support free-tools maintenance (push the hidden button, module will automatically coming out) when other products still need heavy magnetic tools to handle. Not only solve customers’ pain on product design, with our World-wide Uni-partner, we can also provide local pre-sale technical support (such as checking the spot, proposal and demonstration), local stock-sales, and local after-sale service. With this creative business mode, we promise our customers zero-risk purchase.

As the Super-star product of Unilumin Group, Uslim has been keeping a fast growing sales turnover (90% from 2016 to 2017). Uslim has been installed mainly in the applications including “RETAIL STORE, SHOPPING MALL, CHURCH, CONFERENCE ROOM, HOSPITALITY, and TRAFFIC HUB”. Today, we are going to share with you the fastest growing application area-Traffic Hub.

Consider where you can find the most people every day, where you will definitely go every day, where you may eager for a huge display to find the information you want.


They are stations, all kinds of stations, at subways, at bus stops, at airports…

Wherever people want to head for, they can never miss stations. That is to say, if you want your info been seen by hundreds of millions people every day, just have a display at stations. Now, we would like to help you achieve what you want, would you like to connect the world with Unilumin Fixed LED Display?

Just see what we have achieved already.

Brand Broadcasting – Unilumin’s screen takeover

Brand Broadcasting – Unilumin’s screen takeover

2017.04.05 Unilumin.com

Mission critical places need mission critical facilities. Last year, in the newly moved offices in west London, SKY, a renowned broadcaster and telecommunications company installed 150 square meters video wall to promote its advertising and branding, the creative display comes from Unilumin, a leading LED display solutions provider and the installation and integration are from Unilumin local strategic partner-Shooting Partners.

Uslim3, 150sqm, Sky new building, London, 2016

Unilumin provide customized solutions and services, the project includes different angles – some were 21-degrees, or even 90-degrees.Shooting Partners played an important role in making this project done, they procured, installed, and supported various elements of the creative panels.

Its stunning image quality and all round solutions has won the praise from customers, and also, caught the attention of the authority of AV industry – InAVate Magazine. The project got the front cover page of InAVate, “The resulting effects are impressive and made more”, commented the magazine.

Great visual feast from Unilumin

Great visual feast from Unilumin

2017.03.28 Unilumin.com

Unique, dynamic events all share the same feature, they offer great visual feast. What tools are they using to make sure the event eye-catching, engaging, and unforgettable for those attendances? LED video screen rental provided by Unilumin, the leading LED display solutions provider is an expert in staging and live events.

Here comes the success cases Unilumin have made.

Tomorrow Land, the famous electronic music festival was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2016, Unilumin’s UpadIII6 with 200sqm gave the attendance an unforgettable night.

Tomorrow Land music festival, a day and night difference

The Largest LED Cube Display in Europe is Unilumin’s

The Largest LED Cube Display in Europe is Unilumin’s

2016.10.26 Unilumin

Once in so many years comes a product that makes it mark in the industry and then we have Unilumin’s products. Never getting tired off the lime light and never backing down from a challenge, Unilumin’s Usurface has done it again for us, for its customers and for its viewers.

Before this it was for Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro, one before it was in Russia. Needless to say, Unilumin’s product have amazed the world with their performance adaptability and customized solutions time after time.

Rio de Janeiro: http://www.unilumin.com/cont/Company%20News_81_1775.html

Russia: http://www.unilumin.com/cont/Company%20News_81_1762.html

This time Unilumin is impressing Europe with its presence in Germany, to be precise, in Veltins-Arena, the home ground for Germany’s Bundesliga football club.

The largest LED cube in all of Europe of 305 square meters, each side measuring 76.32 square meters was the pride and joy of the football club and its sponsors Hisense. Well, Unilumin’s Usurface cube of 10mm pixel pitch was unveiled on August 14, Schalke Day by Hisense, the sponsor of the largest European stadium television equipment.

Unilumin’s Usurface cabinets are slim and 67% lighter than the traditional outdoor LED displays.

The front maintenance mechanism and simpler and fast wire connection increases the installation efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

Rain, heat, high speed wind, there is nothing that Usurface’s level 68 IP rating cannot handle.

With its amazing set of qualities, one can understand why one of the biggest sports marketing companies in Germany and possibly Europe chooses Unilumin’s Usurface for its biggest display project.

Unilumin’s Upanel S is Not Only Smart, It’s Intelligent

Unilumin’s Upanel S is Not Only Smart, It’s Intelligent

2016.08.16 Unilumin

Hello everybody, we are back! And so is Upanel S. Last week, after Upanel S defined what a true front access cabinet is, showing its slim, sleek, smart and sophisticated design, this week Upanel S is here to tell you what a true automated cabinet is, proving its ingenious and intelligence.

The word “automated” is thrown around so loosely in the world of LED displays that clients don’t even bother to think twice about it but as we have proven in the past, Unilumin’s products are not like the rest of the products. So here is how Unilumin’s Upanel S is automated.

Upanel S does not need power or signal cables between cabinets. Yes, it is wireless that way.

The power and data signal transmitting through the sockets in the cabinets are automatically connected once the cabinets are connected to one another.

Now that is truly wireless and truly automated.

Once we have taken care of the mess of cables, it’s time to make sure that the show must always go on. Upanel S has a fail-safe device. It has double power and signal supply so if one malfunctioned, there is always the other to rely on.

Now what you are about to read is the example of a true futuristic intelligent design. Each module has a self-test system to check the temperature, voltage, an active flash IC and a proper connection.

Calibration data is saved at module.  So once an old module is replaced by a new one, the system will automatically calibrate it to sync with the rest of the display.

Now just imagine, never having to worry about power supply failures or to cover-up the huge jumble of cables that comes along with an LED display and most of all never having to worry about the regular module tests and most of all calibration of each new or replaced one.

This is true intelligence and automation, this is true technological power used to serve our clients in the best possible way and this is only brought to you by the ingenious team of Unilumin.